Work / Portfolio Example

Display your work in a timeline and link the cards to your page

Postcards from an Alien planet

Haunted kids of New Jersey

Tanzanian coastal forests awareness campaign

Storytime Magazine

Songs with character


Songs with characters - Happy Halloween

Illustrations are done by amazing Hugo Cuellar


How to create a timeline like this?

Timeline Style:

Click to add a new timeline and in the “Global Settings” part select “Montgomery” style.

You can now create your cards by adding images, title, date, text, etc.

Global Settings

Under the “Timeline Settings” select “Hide the timeline” checkbox. This will remove the top timeline (you can choose to keep it if you like)

Card Design

Adjust the height and width of the entire card and choose to display shadow on hover.

Button Settings

Choose what “Read More” button does (open the content). You can input a different link for each card. To do this, open the card you want to edit and add your URL in “Button URL” field.


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