Disable Pretty Photo

Content Timeline for WordPress comes packed with a Pretty Photo functionality. This means that your ...

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One of the most unique features of Content Timeline is the card that slides out when you click "Read...

Scroll Speed & Easing

WordPress Timeline allows you to control the speed of your timeline as well as the easing of transit...

Close Item on Transition

When you open an "Active Card" by clicking "Read More" button and you scroll the Content Timeline to...

Set Latest Post as Starting

By ticking the "Set Latest Post as Starting" checkbox the post that you have added last or has the most recent date will be your starting card.

Add Posts Dynamically

Content Timeline allows you to add all blog posts from a category or multiple categories and also to...

Switch Direction

All cards in a Content Timeline are, by default, placed from the oldest one (to the left) to the lat...

Autoplay, Mobile Autoplay & Delay

Content Timeline comes with an option to add autoplay to your active timeline. This useful feature h...

Hover Motion

When you hover over the arrows (left and right) on the cards you will notice a subtle movement in th...

Hide Years

Name of the months on the main timeline are followed by a year that those months belong to. This is...

Choose Timeline Type

Content Timeline can sort your content on 3 different ways. You can use sorting based on months, yea...


How to create a timeline like this?

Timeline Style:

Click to add a new timeline and in the “Global Settings” part select “Flat” style.

You can now create your cards by adding images, title, date, text, etc.

Global Settings

Set the card margin to 30px. Set the Card Height to 536px and Card Width to 360px. Select to always display the shadow. Select “Light Circle Shadow” for navigation style.

Card Settings

Set Border Radius to 0px and check the Show Date box. Set the background color to white for both Default and Active views.

Font Settings

For default view set the font title to Merriweather and set the color to “#222222”. For Active view set the same font as a title. For text set font size to 16px and line height to 26px.


Explore more examples

Company history
can be used to present your road to success

Work / Portfolio
with links to your existing projects

Club events
can be promoted with interactive timeline

Book reviews
with rating images and excerpt read

Construction process
of a building or creation of your product

Movie review
with links to resources and your blog page

Cooking process
with images, technique and required ingredients

Museum exhibits
can be well presented and documented


Are you ready to start your timeline experience?